"The Monologue Method finally answers the question that has been thrown to me for decades—'Where can I find really good monologues for students, and some guidance for using them well?'  This is a beautifully shaped, immensely useful resource--a lifetime of work between its covers, packed with an artist's ambition and heart, a teaching artist's savvy, and an educator's understanding of young artistry. This is great acting instruction, great monologues, and a great way for students to grow into their artist selves." 

Eric Booth

Founder of Juilliard’s Art and Education Program; Broadway Actor; Author; 

former faculty at Juilliard, Lincoln Center Education, Tanglewood

a comprehensive approach to teaching acting in the classroom


Honor the Student

Honor the Teacher

Honor the Craft


Carolyn German's The Monologue Method(R) offers a unique, complete, five-pillared approach to teaching acting to students:


The Acting Craft: tools, processes, and vocabulary presented clearly for students,

Bridges: 15 lesson plans and starters provided with detailed instructions to reinforce content, encourage critical thinking, and build creative confidence,

The Collection: 50 original monologues with rich opportunities to engage the young actor through characters that reach beyond stereotype, and with classroom-appropriate  content,

Guideposts: insights and tips for educators as they take on the role of director, includes guidance for teaching the content as well as specific insights for directing each monologue,

Reflective Process for Actor Response:  a unique, simple, powerful tool for peer response that invites valuable student interactions while supporting a respectful tone and enhancing classroom management. 

Bringing The Monologue Method to your students


Learn more about Carolyn German, and our Lead Teaching Artist Jill Massie. Beyond the classroom materials, we offer consulting services and professional development workshops, as well as both virtual and in-class Teaching Artist experiences for your students.


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The worst way to learn to play the guitar is on a toy guitar...even if you get it right, the sound is not rewarding, and leaves little room for nuance. Carolyn German has not only created rich monologues that invite actor choice-making and skill-building, she has done so with content that resists stereotypes and lets the student actor's voice shine through.