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The FULL Index includes additional categories to help educators: Possible Initial Emotion, Possible Shift to Emotion; Possible Location, and Possible Themes and Issues.  These are provided both for quick reference and to help actors stretch into using a broad set of emotions. But these added categories are also helpful in the event that you are working to guide the student toward a certain topic, or guide them away from something that may be upsetting to them or "too close to home". You can see these categories in the downloadable PDF.

The Index can be an even better tool when you can sort or organize it in the way that works best for you.  Email us via the contact form to request either of two versions, one for MAC users and one that works for those using PC programs. You will be able to help the student search for monologues by Estimated Run Time, by Title, by Character Age Range, or any of the other categories.


We are working on a list of Anchor Standards that The Monologue Method meets.  If you would like a list based on your specific state, please email or call us so we can better understand your needs.

National Standards - CCSS / CCR

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The Monologue Method list of Bridges


1. Clarifying Objective and Conflict

2. Group Script Analysis

3. Realism

4. Emotion Shifts

5. Physicality and Circumstance

6. Yours Truly

7. Enhanced Backstory

8. Filling the Space

9. The Next Scene

10. Watercolor Characters

11. Contemporary Characters

12. Emotional Power of Music

13. Costume Design and Collaboration

14. Award Winners

15. Theme and Impact